Filling lines for juice/concentrate - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности


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Filling lines for juice/concentrate

Company “Machinery & Technology” offers equipment for production and filling of vegetable and fruit juices and nectars, press for wringing of juice from berries, fruit and vegetables, equipment for production of concentrated juices with optional aseptic packaging of fruit and vegetable puree into specialized packaging (“bag-in-barrel”), equipment for filling of juice into long-term storage packaging TETRA PACK, KOMBI BLOCK, DOI PACK and glass bottles and cans with the following sealing, equipment for pasteurization of different types and production capabilities, plate or tube thermo-converters, capacities and equipment for juice restoration, concentrates for producitob of natural juices and nectars.

The list of equipment of that we offer on our webpage does not fully represent our scope of work. You can send an inquiry about the equipment You require. We can adapt or find needed technical characteristics for any machine with correction for Your type of production. We guarantee timely and competent response.

Offer equipment
Complete aceptic line Elopak

TETRA PAK filling line-A3 FLEX 1000 ml Slim

Mash concentrate production plant from apples, melons and other fruits and vegetables, tomato paste, producing capacity 20 ton/hour

Line to production of concentrate from soft fruit and hard

Filling line for juices into PET bottles in the laminar flow of sterilized air, producing capacity 2 000 BPH

Automatic aseptic filling line SIG Simonazzi S.p.A. (Tip Aseptica) for natural juice and for not carbonated juicy beverages in to PET bottles of capacity 0.5L and 1.0L

Сomplete line for juice, smoothies, milk etc., with produce capacity 12 000 BPH

HOT FILL Line (Juices with pulp & Non-carbonated drinks) 20 000 PET bottles/h

KHS Cold Aseptic Filling line Suitable for Juices and Carbonated and Non Carbonated Beverages, 28 000 PET bottles/h

Aseptic filling line for PET bottle with volume, 30 000 bottles/h (0.3 – 2.0 L)

Automatic hot-fill line for juices and juice products into glass bottle with a twist-off cap


Blending room for preparation of juices and nectars from puree and concentrate prior to filling, make Alfa Laval, including CIP wash (1996)

Tetra Pak Filling Lines, up to 8000 PPH (250, 1000 ml)

Tetra Pak Filling Line TBA/8 1000 SLIM (1998 year)

Tetra Pak TBA/9 130V aseptic liquid filling line

Tetra Pak TBA/19 – 330 ml prisma with pull tab, with production capacity 6 000 PPH

Tetra Pak TBA/8 1000 Base 90V liquid filling line

Tetra Pak TBA 8 V100 (1.5L Slim)

Tetra Pak filling line TBA/8 1000 ml Base

Tetra Pak filling line TBA/19 200 Base (1995)

Tetra Pak filling line TBA/19 200 Base

Tetra Pak filling machine A3/Flex 0100V, output 7 000 U/h

Tetra Pak Filling Line TBA/19 200 Slim, with production capacity 7 500 PPH

Tetra Pak filling machine TBA/8 1000 BASE 60V, production capacity 6 000 PPH

Tetra Pak Filling Line TBA/8 1000 SLIM, production capacity 6 000 PPH


Aseptic systems

Pasteurizer with tubular holder for juices and juice drinks ALFA LAVAL, production capacity 4 000 L/h

Complete juice pasteurisation line mounted on a stainless steel frame made by FISHER, production capacity 5 000 L/h

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