Hydrogen peroxide station for Tetra Pak filling machines - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности





Hydrogen peroxide station for Tetra Pak filling machines

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Peroxide station for H2O2 consists :

  • H2O2 container installation frame
  • Pneumatic vacuum generator
  • Head for container with valve
  • Ball valve
  • Hose reinforced transparent
  • Hose clamps worm thread

Station is intended for filling regular container for Tetra Pak filling lines with hydrogen peroxide from the transport containers. Filling containers overflow occurs due to their vacuum pneumatic vacuum generator.

  • Number of filling heads, PCs -4
  • Air consumption to the fuel container – 0.1 m.3
  • Dimensions, mm (l x w x h)-1000 x 800 x 1500
  • weight, kg, no more than-40

Delivery delay: 30-40 days
Price: 2 400 euro LOCO Minsk.

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