Varied equipment - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности





Varied equipment

List of equipment for production of apple concentrate with production capacity up to 8 tons of pulp per hour

Manufactured by UNIPEKTIN, Switzerland

  1. Bubble-washing machine for fruits (production capacity 10 tons per hour)
  2. Rinsing (washing nozzles)
  3. Inspection roll conveyor for 4 working places
  4. Apple crusher (high capacity)
  5. Set of tanks for preparation of ferments for depectinization of pulp (3 units x 2 m3, one tank with tubular heat exchanger)
  6. Fermentation tanks with agitators – 4 units x 20 m3
  7. Extrusion press -2 units (German manufactured  «Belmer»., production capacity 8 tons of pulp per hour + recovery for 5 000 per hour) with service platforms
  8. Set pf screw conveyors for pressing out
  9. Tanks for collection of raw juice – 3 units x 16m3
  10. Filter for juice
  11. Set of equipment for ultrafiltration Unipektin with lightening treatment
  12. Technological vats 10m3 – 2 units
  13. Permeate tank, 580 l
  14. Set of equipment for concentration and collection of aroma, production capacity 3500 L per hour
  15. Three-stage evaporation unit for concentration of juice
  16. Holding tanks for juice concentrate – 4 units x 20 m3.
  17. Compressor equipment for technical air
  18. CIP wash, semiautomatic (tanks 3 units x 2 m3).
  19. Pumps for pulp and juice.
  20. Technical documentation in German (English).


Year of manufacture 1992-93, installed in 1994, operational from 1995. In 2013 has been stopped due to external circumstances.

Visual inspection – in working order, preserved and is in general in full.

PRICE of the equipment 460 000,00 USD as is where is.

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