Aseptic filling line for PET bottle with volume 0.3 - 2.0 L - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности


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Aseptic filling line for PET bottle with volume 0.3 – 2.0 L

We are providing installation and start-up of the supplied equipment, spare parts delivery and technological assistance. You would be also able to select the required type of the machine, package and filling valve.

We are offering full lines for filling of juices including brand new machines for blending in addition to overhauled Tetra Pak machine for filling, including the end-packaging machine.

The list of equipment of that we offer on our web-site does not fully represent our scope of work. You can send an inquiry about the equipment You require. We can adapt or find needed technical characteristics for any machine with correction for Your type of production. We guarantee timely and competent response.


  • Production capacity 30.000 bot/h based on 0,5 L bottle.
  • Made by Krones, Germany.
  • Product:
    – water (can be carbonized);
    – juice drinks;
    – carbonized nonalcoholic drinks;
    – apple mixed drinks.
  • Line was in operation 80 hours from the setup;
  • Type of cap:
    – polymer screw cap (Flat Cap) 28 mm;
    – polymer screw cap (Sports Cap) 28 mm;
    – polymer screw cap (Flat Cap) 38 mm.
  • Type of label:
    – sleeve from a roll;
    – PP, hot glue, from a roll.
  • Type of packaging: Tray with film 6 х 4, 4 х 3, 3 х 2.
  • Line was in operation 80 hours from the setup.
  • Condition – new.
  • Year of Manufacture – 2011;
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  • Blowing machine CONTIFORM S 08 – rotary with 18 blowing stations.
  • Sterilizer with isolation STERILJET L 2.160-60-113 BLOC-machine.
    External bottle sterilization:
    – Channel: peracetic acid;
    – Channel: clean steam.
  • Aseptic rinser with isolation VARIOJET 2.880-80-113 – with sterile water and air for 80 heads.
  • Ventilation equipment for isolated equipment. Separation of clean areas by: filling, rinser, injector.
  • Aseptic filling equipment with isolation VOLUMETIC VODM -PET 3.600-100-113 for 100 filling heads. Aseptic capping unit for screw caps for 20 capping heads. The equipment includes sterile filtration system. Aseptic variant, type “ISTE Aseptik”. Sealing of the filling head during equipment sterilization..
  • Labelling machine Plug and Label SOLOMODIL 1.200-30. Laser marking equipment prepared for installation.
  • Labelling machine HIGHSPEED HS.
  • Palletizer PRESSANT UNIVERSAL 1N-0441.
  • PLC Krones for system control.
  • Sleeving machine SLEEVEMATIC DS INLINE.
  • Steam tunnel SHRINKMAT 5000 Krones, length 5 m.
  • Packaging machine VARIOPAC PRO TFS 0381 max production capacity 60 cycles/min
  • Bottle conveyor.
  • Inspection equipment CHECKMAT 731 FM+X+L Level control, capping control.
  • Inspection equipment CHECKMAT 707 E Label presence control 16. Inspection equipment CHECKMAT 731 ЕМ Label presence control.
  • Air conveyor for bottles AIRCO S.
  • Packaging conveyor MULTICO S.
  • Pallet conveyor PALCO S.
  • Microbiological qualification VALIDIERUNG
    KRONES qualification:
    1.Qualification of sterile air at:
    – rinser;
    – filler;
    – capping conveyor;
    – capping blower;
    2. Qualification of sterile conditions at:
    – filler;
    3. Qualification of sterile water at:
    – filler;
    – capper disinfection;
    – screw injection;
    – sterile water tank;
    – interface.
    4.Qualification of sterile product at:
    – filler;
    – full bottles;
    – sterile tank for product;
    – interface;
    5. Qualification of sterile surfaces in accordance with consistent procedure.
    6.Qualification of successful cleaning and sterilization of inner surfaces in accordance with consistent procedure.
    With this procedure the Customer is able to overview the whole technological process and microbiological state of the filler. Preliminary testing steps 1 – 5 allow the Customer to receive a large amount of microbiological examination results.
  • Covers the attestation of separate modules and processes:
    – sterile water;
    – sterile air;
    – cleaning and sterilization of inner surfaces;
    – cleaning and disinfection of outer surfaces;
    – pasteurization in flow and buffer tank;
    – ventilation equipment for the isolated area;
    – preliminary test and microbiological product acceptance.
  • Heat treatment of the product:
    – КРОНЕС VARIO ASEPT J (tubular in flow pasteurizer for the product);
    – КРОНЕС VARIOSTORE (automatic aseptic tank);
    – for cold aseptic filling;
    – product: carbonized drinks, cold tea;
    – pulp: not including pulp or fiber;
    – production capacity: 7.500 – 15.000 L/h;
    – СО2 content: 6,0 gm/L;
    – chlorine content: < 40 ррм;
    – viscosity: at 20 °С < 5 mPa;
    – temperature on entry: 15-20 °С;
    – temperature on exit: 17 °С;
    – recuperation energy: aprox. 93%;
    – pasteurization temperature: 95 °С;
    – holding time: 30 sec at 15 m3/h.
  • Mixer and carbonizer CONTIFLOW 15/2.
  • Sterile water preparation unit AQUA ASEPT -L-15 m3/h.
  • Preform feed ZA CF20.
  • Tumbler 2012/Е.
  • Clean steam generator.
  • Capping conveyor SВ.
  • Shrinkwrapper.
  • Labelling machine for pallets 720 PF.
  • Ozone manufacturing machine.
  • Matrix laser DDC 3.
  • Drying system FM LLB-02-15KW.
  • Date marker for bottles А 300.
  • Drying system FM TF-04.
  • Packaging labeler 901 М.


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