Automatic aseptic filling line SIG Simonazzi, 10 000 PET bottles/h - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности


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Automatic aseptic filling line SIG Simonazzi, 10 000 PET bottles/h

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Technical characteristics
  • Capping machine can work in two regimes for plug with diameter 38mm and for plug with diameter 28mm.
  • Filling machine is also made for carbonated product;
  • Filling machine can perform filling product with fruit particles (type ALOE-VERA)
    Particle’s size: length 5mm, diameter 1mm;
  • The machine is not designed for filling in glass containers;
  • Working area is: 35m x 20m;
  • For steralization is used hydrogen peroxid, steam steralization. Staraliazed air is used for cap drying and for pushing caps in to cap hopper ;
  • Perfect condition;
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Consists of

Automatic aseptic filling line SIG Simonazzi S.p.A. (Tip Aseptica) for natural juice and for not carbonated juicy beverages in to PET bottles of capacity 0.5L and 1.0L

  • The line is made by SIG Simonazzi S.p.A. Italy, 2005;

Triblock for filling in PET bottles Model: ASEPTICA L ASFK 24-24-24-9H

  • Made by: SIG Simonazzi S.p.A;
  • Model: ASEPTICA Linea – ASFK;
  • Production capacity: 0.5L – 10 000 bottles per hour,8 000 bottles per hour;
  • Triblock is designed for PET bottles with neck diameter 38 мм.;
  • 24 bottles holders – bottle sterilization;
  • 24 bottles holders – bottle sterilization;
  • 24 filling heads;
  • 9 capping heads.

Dosing device Nitrogen

  • Made by VBS;
  • Model: Nitrodose HS-A, Aseptic System;
  • Production capacity: 18 000 L per hour;

Pasteurizator: SIG plate-type

  • Made by SIG Simonazzi;
  • Model: Smn 6 02-00;
  • Production capacity: 15 000 L per hour;

Labeling machine for polypropylene labels. Model: SIG ROLLQUASAR

  • Made by SIG Simonazzi;
  • Model: ALFA Rollquasar F18/R31/E1;
  • Production capacity: 13 000 L per hour;

Inkjet printer Videojet two-lane , to mark date of production.

Packing machine to wrap ready product in thermo-shrinking film Made by SMI S.p.A Italy, model: ST 2000;

Automatic machine for gluing handles on pack with product Made by: SIG Simonazzi;

Depaletaizer for empty bottle to place on pneumo-conveyerMade by: SIG Simonazzi;

Pneumo-conveyer for empty bottles.

  • Made by: OJD Conveyors;
  • The length is In accordance with lay out;

Plate-type conveyer for product

  • Made by: OJD Conveyors;
  • The length is In accordance with lay out;

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