Automatic hot-fill line for juices and juice products into glass bottle with a twist-off cap - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности


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Automatic hot-fill line for juices and juice products into glass bottle with a twist-off cap

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Technical characteristics
  • Total amount of hours from the date of manufacture – 38 000.
  • Whole line has undergone complete overhaul in Germany in 2006.
  • Has been installed in 2007. Has been launched in 2008 and worked for 3 month. Since then the production stopped and the line was mothballed.
  • A lot of spare parts unused.
  • Complete package of documents in German and partially in Russian languages.
  • Technical condition – excellent.
  • Depalletizer D4405 Meypack GmbH, Germany 1990.
  • Rinser /bottle heater SMB NICO GmbH, Germany 1990 20 000 bot/h.
  • Inspection machine Krones Linatronic 712- 435 Krones AG, Germany 1990 12 000 bot/h (for empty bottle).
  • Flash pasteurizer KZE Germany 2006 11 000 l/h.
  • Filling-capping monoblock Rola Tronic 80/10/10 KHS, Germany 1990 22 000 bot/h 0,75 l.
  • Capping machine twist-off Type 600 AMCOR White Cap Schmalbach-Lubeca, Germany 1990 12 000 bot/h (steam-suction complete with inspection machine for sealing and presence of vacuum under the cap).
  • Tunnel pasteurizer SMB – KHS KHS, NICO GmbH, Germany 1990 (for bottle cooling).
  • Inspection machine SMB SMB GmbH, Germany 1990 20 000 bot/h (for filled bottle).
  • Printer Domino A-100 2006 (two-rows).
  • 2-position labelling machine Krones Starmatik BR KRONES AG 1990 24 000 bot/h (cold glue).
  • Automatic carton forming and packaging machine RTF-28 Meypack GmbH, Germany 1989 30 carton/min.
  • Automatic palletizer PK110 Meypack GmbH, Germany 1989 2 layer/min (Cartons layers).
  • Automatic pallet wrapper Octopus Junior TW Mima Packaging Systems, Finland 2003.
  • Plate conveyors for bottles.
  • Roll conveyors for cartons and pallets.
  • Centralized lubrication station for plate conveyors.


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