Cans Filling Line Make: KHS Capacity: 30.000 cans/h - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности





Cans Filling Line Make: KHS Capacity: 30.000 cans/h


Technical characteristics
  • Cans Filling Line Make: KHS;
  • Capacity: 30.000 cans/h;
  • Year: 2005;
  • Product: CarbonatedSoft Drinks and beer;
  • Pack: 6×4 Tray with foil;
Consisting of
  • Bulk Can Depalletizer: HANS-HEINRICH TEYFEL GmbH & Co.-4240;
  • Can Conveyor:
    Plastic chain – execution, closed cable duct – stainless steel
    Isolator for each drive motor, inclusive conveyor lubrication;
  • Rinser: 35 000 c/h;
  • Filler: KHS Innofill Delta D
    Motorised height adjustment of filler head;
  • Seamer: SYMPAK bottling & canning SEAMER 2000/6L;
  • Filling Height Control: KHS METEC PROMECON 2000, ETK;
  • Tray Packer: SMI LSK 30T;
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