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Fermentation and lagering tanks central-conical tanks

The list of equipment of that we offer on our webpage does not fully represent our scope of work. You can send an inquiry about the equipment You require. We can adapt or find needed technical characteristics for any machine with correction for Your type of production. We guaranty timely and competent response.


Company “Machinery & Technology” can offer cylindro-conical fermentation tanks (CCT) with range from 1m3 to 100m3 of our own production.Cylindro-conical fermenting tank is thermally insolated tank made of stainless steel and designed to withstand pressure up to 3 bar and has conical bottom (cone) and spheroidal cover.
Tank has a few cooling jackets standing pressure up to 2.5 bar for fermentation process with help of circulation of coolant (propylene glycol). And also tank equipped with temperature sensor for temperature control, with manometer and on the upper side has a hatch and pressure and vacuum safety valve and has a cleaning head. On the lower side tank has outlet for sampling beer and on a conical bottom there are outlet for cleaning and pipeline for pumping beer into service tanks.
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  • Indoor type vertical CCTs tanks made by Ziemann – Bauer (Germany).
  • There is 21 tanks, each has two cooling zone on the side of the tank and cooled conical.
  • Cooling medium NH3. All CCT with valves & CIP-heads.
  • Made of stainless steel. D=5 300 mm., h=21 200 mm.
  • Equipment is not dismantled, in good condition, 2005.
  • Ready for delivery
  • Scheme of equipment


580 hl outdoor fermenters
  • Built by Gross
  • total capacity : 580 hl
  • 4 glycol cooling zones
  • 150 mm insulation
  • Diameter : 3,200 mm – Height : 11,250 mm
  • 3 tanks available

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1500 hl outdoor tanks
  • 9 Holvrieka vessels
  • Size per tank: 1560 hl (1225 hl useful)
  • 4 cooling zones (NH3 cooling)
  • 100 mm insulation
  • Tanks from 1993 in perfect condition

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