Filling line for shampoo and cleaning fluids production capacity of 3 000 bot/h - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности


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Filling line for shampoo and cleaning fluids production capacity of 3 000 bot/h

Filling line is designed for automatic filling of shampoo and cleaning fluid (of liquid consistence) into 0.2 to 1.0 L bottles, automatic capping with screw or pushed cap. The production capacity of the line is 3 000 bot/h. The filling is piston driven with dosing accuracy – ±1.0%. The orientation cubes and convenient central control panel allow for quick tare exchange. The foam-free system and bottom fill additionally help in controlling the dosage accuracy.

Key Features of LR-2/3000:

  • individual control meters for bottle positioning;
  • high precision filling;
  • fully automatic;
  • negated last drop effect;
  • flexible configuration to suit you requirements;
  • guarantee for spare parts – 10 years.

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Technical Characteristics
  • physiochemical characteristics:
    – PH environment (discrete) – 4.5-7.5 pH;
    – viscosity (90 – 800) at 20°C;
    – viscosity (500 – 2500) at 20 °C.
  • production capacity – up to 3000 bot/h;
  • volume – up to 1 L;
  • dosing accuracy – ±3 ml;
  • filling into PET and polyethylene tare;
  • power – 3×380 W. 50 Hz;
  • nominal power (excluding the pump) – not more than 2 kWt;
  • condensed air pressure – 0.6-1.0 mPa;
  • air consumption – not more then 10 bar/h;
  • weight – 1000 kg;
  • manual orientation cubes handling;
  • personnel (including packaging) – 4-6;
  • barrier material – steel 12X18H10T, fluorocarbon polymer F4, PVC, polyurethane;
  • main construction material – steel 12X18H10;
  • conveyor by AVE (Spain);
  • conveyor belt – plastic;
  • flexible pipe – inset, multilayer, chemical-resistant;
  • reduction gearmotor – SITI (Italy);
  • controller, central operation panel, frequency converters – MITSUBISHI (Japan);
  • manufacturing time – 150-170 days.
Consisting of
  • Remote control system for dosage settings;
  • Electromechanical drive with tracing feedback for dosing cylinders and traverse with filling units;
  • Automatic capping unit for push-pull cap (vibrobunker for automatic plastic cap feed and orientation), remote capping intensity control from the main panel;
  • Bunker-elevator for cap feed to orientation section;
  • Automatic labelling unit for self-adhesive label;
  • Cylindrical buffer tank with side window installed;
  • Automatic circulative washing system for buffer tank and dosage system;
  • Emergency halt;
  • “Last drop” effect negated;
  • “No bottle – no fill” system;
  • Bottom fill with level control (either under or over product level);
  • For quick tare reconfiguration orientation cubes (40 units) can be installed;
  • Bottle quantity control;
  • Visual lightning emergency indication;

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