Fruit concentrate production line immediately for sale - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности


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Fruit concentrate production line immediately for sale

The list of equipment of that we offer on our webpage does not fully represent our scope of work. You can send an inquiry about the equipment You require. We can adapt or find needed technical characteristics for any machine with correction for Your type of production. We guaranty timely and competent response.


Sets of line
  • defroster of fruit of frozen soft fruit the type 3 WU 01,-3.500 l.,- year production 1990 – prod. Spomasz Pleszew;
  • fragmentizer to fruit Mill – Central 5 firm BUCHER – C5;
  • cochlear pumps;
  • mono pump to pulp BUCHER;
  • reservoirs of pulp – the capacity 12.500 litres from stirrer – the pcs. 4;
  • belt press to fruit soft KLEIN type FP -2 about efficiency.8-20t / h – year production 1992;
  • Bucher Press – efficiency 5000 kg/h, – 1 pcs BUCHER type HP 5000 – year production 1985;
  • reservoirs depektynizacyjne capacity. 12000 l from stirrer pcs. 7;
  • filter vacuums ALFA LAVAL BT efficiency 12, 5 tys. l / h;
  • filter pressure Padovan – type Ecofilter 10, about efficiency. 1,2-1,5 tys. l / h;
  • installation the ultrafilter of firm the UNIPEKTIN the type the UF 24T1P25 + 0305P47 – year production 1996 – Switzerland;
  • Evaporator- station the UNIPEKTIN the type AVF804 the S with catcher of aroma, the column the rektyfikacyjnа – year of production 1996, efficiency of 8000 litres of vaporized water / the h, degree of condensation 70 the percentage the BX +/- 0,5 – Switzerland;
  • reservoirs buffer 5m3 – pcs. 4;
  • installations, pipelines from the acid – resistant steel the, pump of juice;
  • refrigerator ventilating pcs. 3;
  • basket-work lifts and the installation to transportation of apples;
  • pump to water transportation;
  • inspective tape.


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