Isobaric filling line for beer and kvass into PET bottles and canisters from 5 to 10 L - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности


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Isobaric filling line for beer and kvass into PET bottles and canisters from 5 to 10 L

Isobaric filling line for beer, kvass and other carbonated beverages from LR-5 series designed for automatic filling into PET-bottles ranging from 5.0 to 10.0 L, automatic capping with plastic screw caps and labeling with a number of self-adhesive labels. The production capacity of the line is differentiated into 500, 1000 and 1300 bottles per hour (production capacity is measured by 5 L bottle).

The filling line allows for:

  • filling of carbonated beverages into large containers (bottles, special bottles);
  • efficiently reduces contact of the final product with oxygen;
  • establishing and maintaining of ultra-clean environment.

Operator places the empty container on the entry-conveyor or the bottle is transported directly from bottle blower – the rest is carried out automatically!. The bottle then is automatically positioned in the filler prior to the preliminary aeration with carbon oxide. The number of aerations may be varied depending on the manufacturer’s specification.

The line is composed of filling-capping monoblock with electromechanical capper, complemented with automatic feeding and orientation system for plastic caps. Capping power is controlled through central control panel. The label is fed from the roll and applied automatically. The final product then ends up on the accumulative table. Line is designed for three operators..

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Key Features
  • central control panel – an easy and safe way to set the desired operation mode;
  • ultra-clean environment as a tool for providing long-lasting shelf-life for your product;
  • compact – putting your space into good use;
  • high precision filling for lossless production;
  • guarantee for spare parts – 10 years.

Technical Highlights

  • isobaric filling;
  • number of filling heads – 4-5;
  • line includes the system for preliminary aeration of the bottle with carbon dioxide prior to filling to reduce oxidation which leads to the extension of shelf-life;
  • as an option – installation of ultraviolet lamps for sterilization of the monoblock during filling.


Technical Characteristics

  • nominal power – 1.5 KW;
  • air consumption – 10 bar/h;
  • dimensions – 7130x1550x1950 mm;
  • weight – 680 kg;
  • control processor – MITSUBISHI (Japan);
  • LCD monitor on the front panel;
  • pneumatics – CAMOZZI (Italy);
  • components – stainless steel AISI 304 (Germany);
  • manufacturing time for the line – 120 days;
  • guarantee period – 18 month.
Consisting of
  • entry conveyor – 1.5 m;
  • filling monoblock for 4-5 isobaric filling heads;
  • automatic capping machine;
  • bunker with bottom cap feeding with orientator for supplying cap to the bottle;
  • automatic applicator for applying one or several self-adhesive labels;
  • exit conveyor – 5 m;
  • accumulative table.
Additional options
  • bactericide tunnel on the entry conveyor for bottle disinfection prior to filling including additional conveyor section;
  • bactericide tunnel on the capping machine for disinfection of the cap;
  • automatic packaging machine into shrink film bags for two bottles;
  • installation of ultraviolet lamps for sterilization of the monoblock during filling.

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