Mash concentrate production plant from apples, melons and other fruits and vegetables, tomato paste, producing capacity 20 ton/hour - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности


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Mash concentrate production plant from apples, melons and other fruits and vegetables, tomato paste, producing capacity 20 ton/hour

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Consists of
  • 2 submerged water pumps, CAPRARI make
  • 2 self-cleaning filters for water filtration, IDRASCREEN make
    Produced in 2008
  • primary product acceptance and product washing, ROSSI CATELLI make
    Produced in 2008
  • loading conveyor , ROSSI CATELLI make, mod. RC 905/20
    Produced in 2007
  • Seed removal machine, CFR MECANICA, make, mod.DEN200/s
    Produced in 2007
  • Control of seed presence, CFR MECANICA make.
    Produced in 2007
  • Turbo extractor for juice squeezing, ROSSI CATELLI make, mod. Giubilleo
    Produced in 2007
  • Pump for product feeding
  • Monopump blender
  • Tubular pasteurtizer
    Produced in 2007
  • Equipment for enzymatic deactivation, ROSSI CATELLI make
    Produced in 2007
  • Deaerator, ROBUSCHI make
    Produced in 2007
  • Automatic refractometer, MASELLI make
  • Tubular holder(blancher) for producing stewed fruits from apples, peaches and other soft fruits, ROSSI CATELLI make
    Produced in 2007
  • 5000 l. collection tank for deaerator with vacuum pump, ROBUSCHI make
  • Aseptic pasteurizer, ROSSI CATELLI make, mod. Olimpic FC XX/AS, producing capacity up to 20 000 l.
    Produced in 2007
  • Cooling stack, SCAM T.P.E. make, producing capacity 200 m3/our with two return pumps
  • Aseptic filler with 3 filling valves, MACROPACK TM 2000/3 make.
  • For the 250 and1000 l. Barrels filling.
  • Evaporator system
  • ROSSI CATELLI T400 D.E make. Producing capacity for tomato concentrate 28-30 Brix-3.5 ton/h 38 Brix:: 2.6 ton/h
  • Automatic refractometer, MASELL make
  • Tank for concentrate with agitator, volume 5 000.
  • Pumps for the product feeding
  • Cooling stack 2TAT-RB61, 4 towers x 260m3/h each
  • Compression unit, CMC make.
  • Gas boilers .L.C.Z. S.R.L make, vapour capacity -4.0 and 8.5 ton/h


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