Set of equipment for production of plastic screw cap - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности





Set of equipment for production of plastic screw cap

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Technical characteristics
  • cycle period – 7.2 sec;
  • production capacity – 8 000 cap/h;
  • cap weight – 2.85 gm;
  • type of cap – 1-component;
  • technical documentation, operation manual and service instruction;
  • set of spare parts for press-form and thermoplast;
  • the equipment is still installed and operating;
  • technical condition – excellent.
Consisting of
  • thermoplast SANDRETTO Mach 860/150 (SANDRETTO Industries, Italy y.m.2003, operating since 2004). Clamp mechanism – hydro-mechanical;
  • hot-runner mould for 16 cavities with production and temperature control Termo Dayn (SIPA Zoppas Industries, Italy). Working hot channel temperature range 225°С±25°С, thermo steam type J T/Cs. Cooling liquid (water) pressure 4-7 bar, cooling liquid temperature 12-15 °С;
  • full set of peripheral equipment for automatic cap production process;
  • vacuum loader PIOVAN model S45 (for polymer material);
  • vacuum loader PIOVAN model S40 (for super-concentrated coloring);
  • volume dispenser PIOVAN model MDT SG80 (for precision coloring feed);
  • belt conveyor MB Conveyors model CPST (for transportation of cap from working zone to out-feed);
  • cooling station PIOVAN model CH380 (for full cycle of mould and thermoplast cooling).


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