Water bottling equipment into 5 gallons water bottles - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности


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Water bottling equipment into 5 gallons water bottles

Linear, “U”/”L” – shaped execution, elongated execution (two-stage rinsing). Equipment is composed of two sections: washing-rinsing and filling-capping. The equipment can be handled by 2 persons.

The bottle is inserted in the washing section bottom side up. A few second later the screens are raised and the bottle is transported into the washing zone. The screens are lowered and internal and external nozzles wash the bottles. The internal nozzle allows cleaning of hard to reach areas. The washing solution is returned into the reservoir underneath the washing section. The bottle is cleaned in two stages and then transported to intermediate rinsing area where it is rinsed by recycled water (it is later flushed into the sewers). In case the intermediate rinsing is not required this area can be used for a third cleaning with washing solution thus increasing an output of the line. Used washing solution is returned into the reservoir. In the next section rinsing is conducted with disinfecting solution (which is also flushed in the sewers). After the disinfection the bottle is then rinsed with returned or clean (prepared) water (selectable by the operator). In the last, six stage, the rinsing is conducted with clean (prepared) water only, which is afterwards drained to the recycle tank. Washing and rinsing sectors are isolated from each other by transparent screens, which are raised during the movement of the bottles by a pneumatic cylinder.

On the next stage the bottle is pneumatically rotated to be subsequently filled and capped. The caps are automatically supplied by a drum where the caps are loaded initially. The capping is conducted by a pneumatic mechanism. Air for filling and capping section is filtrated. Afterwards the bottle is transported on the roll conveyor. The capping section and the roll conveyor can be executed at an angle of 90°. In this case the line execution becomes “L” or “U” – shaped. The whole process is controlled by a computer with a number of sensors. The machine is equipped with “no bottle” blocking system – the equipment starts only when there are two bottles placed. It is possible to install an automatic loading conveyor.

The list of water bottling equipment of that we offer on our webpage does not fully represent our scope of work. You can send an inquiry about the equipment You require. We can adapt or find needed technical characteristics for any machine with correction for Your type of production. We guarantee timely and competent response.


Equipment for filling of water with production capacity of 300 pieces/h

Technical data

  • Production capacity: 300 bottle/h (2 bot/24 sec);
  • Power: 400 V, 50 Hz, 15 kWt;
  • Water consumption for rinsing and filling: min. 8000 l/h, min 3-4 bar;
  • Water consumption for washing, disinfection: min. 3000-4000 l/h, min 3-4 bar;
  • Compressed air consumption: 180 l/min, min. 6 bar;
  • Overall dimensions:– Linear execution LхWхH: 7300x1400x2500 mm;
    – L-shaped execution LхWхH: 4000x4300x2500 mm;
  • Weight: 1600 kg;
  • Number of maintenance personnel: 2.


  • Two-stage external and internal bottle washing with hot washing solution;
  • Washing or intermediate rinsing external and internal with recycled water;
  • Internal rinsing with disinfecting solution with the possibility of external treatment;
  • Rinsing by recycled or clean (prepared) water inside and on the outside of the bottle;
  • Rinsing by clean (prepared) water inside and on the outside of the bottle;
  • Volumetric filling with installed UV lamp with filtrated (prepared air);
  • Capping.



Equipment with four washing sections.

List of features::

  • Washing with hot washing solution (max. 60 °С, electrical heating);
  • Washing type: nozzles, high-pressure;
  • Internal two-stage washing with washing solution by rotating nozzles;
  • Third stage allows the operator two choose either internal and external washing with washing solution or rinsing by prepared/recycled water;
  • Automatic dispensing of concentrated washing solutions (adjustable);
  • Dispensing units are chlorine proof;
  • Control is conducted through weight sensors which inform on the operator panel – “no washing solution” and “no disinfectant”;
  • Washing sections are separated by industrial screens;
  • Programmable intensive washing cycle (doubles the washing time);
  • Central water intake and drainage;
  • Water connection for washing and disinfecting through pressure relay, pressure gauge and filter;
  • Water connection for rinsing and filling through pressure relay, pressure gauge and filter;
  • Compressed air connection for rinsing and filling through pressure relay, pressure gauge and filter;
  • Automatic bottle rotation from rinsing to filling block;
  • Filling by volumetric, impulse, mechanical sensor (without mechanical counter) directly from the supplying pipe;
  • Quick fill through 3/4″ and 1/4″ valves, slow filling only through 1/4″;
  • Automatic cap unscrambling and feed;
  • UV lamp in the top part of the filling block;
  • Air filter on the air intake into the filling block;
  • UV-treatment for caps prior to capping;
  • Automatic capping;
  • Central processing (OMRON);
  • Emergency STOP brakes in three points;
  • Two doors on the filling block are equipped with OMRON sensors – in case the door opens during production the line is stopped;
  • UV lamp control on the operators panel;
  • Extended roll conveyor table;
  • Self-diagnostics: displays on the operator panel and amount of washing concentrate, its temperature, the pressure values for air and water, condition of the UV light and fan, cap presence;
  • Emergencies: low level, no concentrate, no cap, no air, no water, open doors, UV light fault, fan fault;
  • Testing: one full cycle with and without water to compare the production values;
  • Adjustable on the operators panel: output – by setting the work cycle, washing solution temperature, amount of water in a bottle;
  • Service notices: replace UV lamp, replace air filter, replace solution filter, check pneumatics, sensors, heating, drives, valves, etc.;
  • Bottle counter for filled bottles with a password;
  • Languages: Russian, English;
  • Controller: OMRON;
  • Thermo-regulator – OMRON;
  • Control panel: EXOR (Italy), color, 7″;
  • Controller extension input-output block – OMRON.


Total cost of equipment with the options

  • Bottling line LR-19-300 – 65 100 €
  • Device of the removal of cap and rejection of container – 10 500 €
  • Conveyer for supplying the bottles to line – 5 000 €
  • Total: 81 600 €
Automatic water bottling equipment for 5 gallons bottles, 150-200 BPH
Water washing-filling-capping equipment for 5 gallons bottles

Main characteristics

  • efficient, double washing – under the high pressure inside and by hot preparation outside;
  • automatic dispensing for detergent;
  • double rinsing;
  • economical exploitation;
  • central connection of water, air and electricity;
  • button “Intensive washing”- for washing of heavily impure bottles;
  • apart from automatic mode, also exists manual mode;
  • filling and capping processes are executed in the clean filtered air;
  • cap disinfection by ultraviolet lamp before capping;
  • easy care.

Technical information

  • producing capacity – 150-200 BPH (adjusted in case of need);
  • water consumption – 6 m3/hour;
  • air consumption – 6 bar;
  • electricity – 400V, 50Gz, 3х16А;
  • overall dimensions (LхWхH) – 2900x1600x2300 mm;
  • weight – approx. 800 kg;
  • guarantee – 12 months;
  • manufacturing time – 100 days from the moment of order.
Price 42 000 €

Semiautomatic water bottling equipment, producing capacity 50-60 BPH

Technical characteristics

  • pressure of connected water – min 2Bars, max 6 Bars;
  • electric energy input – 380V, 50Gz;
  • power – 4.5 kWt;
  • producing capacity of ultra-violet device – 2000 L/hour;
  • overall dimensions (LxWxH) – 1020x580x1780mm;
  • manufacturing – non-stainless steel;
  • weight – 200kg;
  • price – 17 000 €.


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