Filling line for fruit puree and juices Tetra Pak TBA 19 - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности





Filling line for fruit puree and juices Tetra Pak TBA 19

We are providing installation and start-up of the supplied equipment, spare parts delivery and technological assistance. You would be also able to select the required type of the machine, package and filling valve.

We are offering full lines for filling of juices including brand new machines for blending in addition to overhauled Tetra Pak machine for filling, including the end-packaging machine.

The list of equipment of that we offer on our web-site does not fully represent our scope of work. You can send an inquiry about the equipment You require. We can adapt or find needed technical characteristics for any machine with correction for Your type of production. We guarantee timely and competent response.


  • Pasteurizer Tetra Therm Aseptic Visco– for treatment of puree and juices, production capacity up to 2000 l/h. Working pressure of the homogenizer 50-100 bar.
  • Filling blockТВА 19 / 125 Slim. For aseptic filling of juice into carton packet Tetra Pak volume 0,125 l, production capacity 7500 packets/h
  • Tetra Straw Applicator TSA-21, year of manufacture 2009. U-shaped straw.Production capacity 9000 straws/h
  • Conveyor system– stainless steel supports, plastic mesh conveyor, electric motor with electronic control (Sweden), automatic control panel.
  • Wrapping machine TFW 67 For wrapping 3×1 format packages in to the termoshrink film. Additional formats available. Production capacity (3×1) – 2500 packages/h.
  • Carton packager ТСВР70, for package in gof Tetra Pak wrapped packages into carton box 3Х9, format C, 0.125 l, production capacity 350 boxes/h.
  • Wrapping machine TTS 51 for fully automatic wrapping of carton boxes 3х9 into shrink film, production capacity 500 boxes/h.

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