Semi automatic blowing machine VM 750 producing capacity 750 BPH - Оборудование для пищевой, химической и фармакологической промышленности





Semi automatic blowing machine VM 750 producing capacity 750 BPH

Semi automatic blowing machine VM-750: is designed for manufacturing PET bottles by blowing of preliminary heated plastic preforms in press-form under the pressure.

Semiautomatic machine is composed of 2 blocks: preform heating block and blowing block. Manual installation of preforms into machine block. Heating and blowing of preforms executed automatically.

Machine is equipped with 2-cavities press-form, that allows to form PET bottles of 0,33L, 0,5L, 1L, 1,5L 2L or 1-cavity press-form for 3L and 5L bottles.


Technical characteristics

Blowing block

  • technical producing capacity for 1.5 L, not less than 750 BPH;
  • technical producing capacity for 5 L, not less than 350 BPH;
  • number of press-form cavities, for 1,5L – 2;
  • air pressure at the input 1,4-1,5 MPa;
  • air consumption- not more than 45 nm3/ hour;
  • supply voltage – 220 V, 50 Gz;
  • power consumption not more than – 100 Wt;
  • cooling water discharge (t 14 °C) not more than 2L/min.


Preform heating block

  • producing capacity, for 1,5L not less than – 800 preforms/hour;
  • supply voltage – 3x380V 50 Gz;
  • power consumption not more than 8 kWt;
  • number of heating zones – 4;
  • lamp power – 1,8 kWt;
  • number of installed infrared lamps – 8;
  • operating personnel – 1 person;
  • discharge of cooling water (t=14 °C ) – not more than 5L/min.
Overall dimensions of semiautomatic blowing machine’s blocks

Blowing block

  • length – 1400 mm;
  • width – 500 mm;
  • height – 1700 mm;
  • weight, not more than – 520 kg.


Preform heating block

  • length – 880 mm;
  • width – 500 mm;
  • height – 1100 mm;
  • weight, not more than – 190 kg.
Additional information

Resources of semiautomatic blowing machine VM-750, until the first overhauling are 2 years at the average annual operating time 4 800 hours.

No-failure operating time of semiautomatic machine is about 20 000 cycles. Working life of the machine, until the writing off is not less than 8 years.

Guaranteed storage time – is about 1 year in manufacturer conservation (package) at storage facilities (storage conditions 2 (C) GOST 15150).

Mentioned resources, working life and storage time are valid only at the consumer observance of requirements indicated in current maintenance documentation.

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